Current Events

April 14th, 2014

Come & Support a Local Cause

Make a SPECIAL trip to Penguin Eds (Wedington Dr location only) anytime Monday-Wednesday, as from TODAY April 14th-May 14th, to show your support for two LOCAL organizations! Seeds That Feed and Tri Cycle Farms are working to combat food insecurity in our community and your meal could help impact these efforts. Mention ‘Seeds That Feed’, ‘Tri Cycle Farms’, or simply say ‘Square it’ when it comes time to pay your ticket, and Penguin Ed’s will make a donation to these organizations on your behalf.


Support local businesses who support local causes!


March 24th, 2014

Smoke Free Patio at B&B

Come & check out our Smoke Free outdoor patio area at our Historic B&B location on 230 S.East Ave.DSCN0235

Enjoy our fresh BBQ in the fresh outdoors!


January 15th, 2014

Artwork & Messages

Thank you to our customers who left some creative artwork and messages on napkins. We love them all, keep them coming!

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December 20th, 2013

NWA Bloggers

Thank you NWAbloggers for this awesome blog!


July 15th, 2013

Oh Baby Foods at Mission

Our Mission & Crossover location now sells Oh Baby Foods for $1.95 each

We have 6 different flavors to choose from – Wise Punkin, Pearfecto, Amaze Mint, PeachyKeen, LavenBerry & Basil Babe.  These are all certified Organic, the ingredients are regionally raised, non GMO-Verified, 100% US Grown and having soothing herbs.

Ask at your server behind the counter at our Mission location.